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Our Specialty products are the extra details that delight the senses, give your cabinets the look of fine furniture and make your room truly unique. We are known for our expertise at making custom products, be it a unique door style, arched French lite, curved door, special routed design, etc., let your imagination run wild. These original custom products will add the extra touch that makes your room extraordinary.

If you are a homeowner and want more information about how to purchase Decore-ative Specialties products for your re-facing project, please have your cabinetmaker or remodeler contact us at 1-877-4-DECORE (1-877-433-2673).

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Comfortable. Familiar. Useful and productive. Your new kitchen can be all of these and still be strikingly beautiful room to walk into. After all, the Traditional style is all about classic, yet functional elegance. One of the most popular design choices year after year, the Traditional style features classic lines and details, and a focus on practical beauty.

Country Kitchen Cabinets

The look of a Country-inspired kitchen is popular for many sensible reasons. Whether it’s familiar flourishes of Country French, the quaint allure of English Country, or the strength of design straight from America’s heartland – the Country style is all about comfort at its charming best.

British Colonial Kitchen Cabinets

The British Colonial style conjures up images of tropical islands and exotic faraway countries where slowly turning rattan fans cause mosquito nets to flutter gently in the night air. This is a casual, airy style that often incorporates tropical prints and elephant and monkey motifs. The British Colonial style blends traditionally dark English furnishings with bright and light tropical touches.

Kitchen Cabinets


Craftsman Kitchen Cabinets

The distinctive Craftsman style is evidence of simplicity that is practical, functional and in harmony with your natural surroundings. Its elegantly uncomplicated designs feature straight lines, right angles, exposed joinery and the occasional strategic use of stained glass. Whether you call it Arts and Crafts, Mission, or Craftsman, this unique look is the epitome of uncompromising quality and attention to detail. Just like you.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Our contemporary doors have a fresh, modern look, with straight lines and minimal detail. These sleek, understated designs look exquisite in any material, from exotic woods and patterned laminates to clean, solid color Deco-form (RTF).

Mediterranean Kitchen Cabinets

This look echoes the simple and breezy beauty of the Mediterranean Coast. Walls are typically textured, entryways and windows arched, and the floors are usually done in tiles. Accents, such as kitchen back splashes, also commonly feature beautiful tiles. The Mediterranean style is typically a clean and bright look that should make one feel as if they are entering a lovely resort in Greece, Spain or Italy.

Western Kitchen Cabinets

There’s just no mistaking the individualistic personality of a kitchen designed with a Southwest or Old West look. From its earth-tone colors and rustic textures, to handcrafted accents with a definite streak of bold adventure throughout this richly inviting style is all about the freedom to pursue a more exciting lifestyle without leaving home.

Estate Kitchen Cabinets

Our Estate doors feature intricately detailed frames, applied moldings and solid raised panels. The distinctive details of the doors in this group convey the elegance and sophistication often found in today’s fine furniture, and highlight their precision craftsmanship.

Cabin Kitchen Cabinets

The Cabin style beckons visitors with an invitation to “come and sit for a while,” and the promise that a fire will soon be roaring in the hearth. Visitors to a Cabin-style home should feel as though they could open the back door and step out into the woods. Colors used in this style echo those of the forest — the deep reds of a lumberjack’s shirt and the dark greens of a pine tree. The Cabin style should be comfortable, never pretentious. It is rustic charm at its very best.

Coastal Kitchen Cabinets

This is a light, bright cheery style that sings of sun-kissed days spent on the shore. The Coastal style, which is classic Americana at its best, often includes pieces that appear as if weathered by years of being left out in the salt air. It is an inviting and relaxed look that is typically accented with sharp navy blues, crisp whites, seashell motifs, sea glass and nautical themed pieces. Life is good by the sea, and this style brings home the casual ease of the Coastal lifestyle.

Industrial Kitchen Cabinets

The Industrial look is perfect for those who believe that less is more. This is a clean, stark style that is never fussy and always functional. The Industrial style is also about recycling and using once discarded pieces for new purposes. Color is typically kept to a minimum and floors are usually left bare to keep the look hard and minimalistic. While the Industrial look had its beginnings in warehouse spaces and artsy lofts, it has now migrated to more conventional homes, as well.